10 quintessential albums//worth your eardrums

Fred Firth 1918 – Khenti Munk

A 16-track album, Fred Firth 1918 boasts of the art of beat-sampling, with a hybrid of hip-hop, jazz, funk and laid back loops.
The movie monologues and freestyle clips that lace the beat tape emphasize the concept of diversified artistry in individual tracks.
Fav track(s): Neptune Blues

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Summer Solstice – Soular System

A neo-soul album, Summer Solstice fuses philosophy and blues in conscious lyrical model. The album is a twin effort of Anthony Lynn as producer and the soulful crooner Tom Kendall. This is their debut EP.

Fav track(s): One/Soul-Searching

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Meditation [.Ep]; Solitude – Jinsang

Another laid back Hiphop-Jazz beat-tape, Meditation [.EP] and Solitude as the names suggest, let your mind rift off to ocean shores and beyond. The two albums have a yin-yan connection that transcends the mind whether you’re studying, painting, driving or simply lost in thought in your living room.

Fav track(s): Abandoned

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One of the albums that keep me alive during sunsets, Shadows LP proves that music, devoid of lyrics, can surpass the typical music listening experience and elevate your spirit to a different realm where only rhythm and silence meet.

Fav track(s): One Way & Underground

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Magnetica – Quantic

I fell in love with Quantic after listening to The 5th Exotic, which I think is his best album to date . In Magnetica, he explores his native Caribbean culture and delivers that up-tempo funk, salsaesque Colombian drums.

Fav track(s): Muevelo Negro ft. Nidia Gongora

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Jazz Hop – Gas Lab & Trauma Diggs

A classic (in the contemporary sense; and not some 70s boom-bap shit) hip-hop jazz album, Trauma Diggs’ poetic lyricism reminds you that hip-hop is alive and pretty much breathing. Gas-Lab’s fingers on the beats work like magic. The saxophone in ‘Sax 5th Ave Flow’ is therapeutic.

Fav track: 1988 feat. Hache ST

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Devil Is Fine – Zeal and Ardor

Weird album. There is what sounds like acid, Negro slavery chants and there’s a trap mash-up of some allah-u-akbar chant and then an icy piano chord in Sacreligium II. If you want variety in an album, this takes it.

Fav track: Sacreligium I

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Moyo Wangu – Renegades Of Jazz

A Germany based jazz band, Renegades of Jazz revive that lost Afro Jazz vibe that Miriam Makeba, Fela Kuti and Hughes Masekela instilled in lovers of true African music.

Fav track: Beneath this African Blue

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Timbits (Re-Issue) – Falcxne

One of the most exciting beat-tapes I’ve listened to in a while. The tracks are so masterfully crafted that attempting to write a verse on it or try to spit along will blemish the beauty in them. It’s like leaving a smudge on an immaculately polished floor.

Fav track (s): Tracks #1, #6 & #8

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I Do What I Do – Kev Brown

It’s an old album. It’s my fault that I discovered it so late. That doesn’t change the fact that Kev Brown is one the best beat-makers there is. He has respectable catalogues to his craft. There’s a track that I‘ve overplayed the whole of this year for strictly sentimental reasons, and that’s Albany. Like Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Kev’s flow is consciously slow and delivered in a nice tone with easy lyricism. Supastition appears in the album too. Albany is that one track that takes you back to that nice girl on a date, somewhere in that park that you’ll never forget.

Fav track(s): Albany

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Bonus track:

Utopia – Monitah. This lady should get an album out.
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My 19-track beat-tape“lab-yrinth is out.


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