A Nihilist’s Guide To…Nothing

Nihilism is a precarious ideology. In my book, nihilism – if  allowed to twist it to fit my own interpretation – is a world where morality, ambition, pain, pleasure, faith, meaning  and all the facets we consider existentially human, simply come to die. It’s a world of infinite freedom. When such an elevated sense of intellectual liberation takes over, social norms, inspirational musings and all motivational clichés simply become twaddle. Something meant for people trudging crassly along the dark hallways of life, looking for success, happiness and meaning with a torch called hope.

The following are some of the clichés and beliefs used by moronic human beings and are technically meant to stop you from exploring the horrendous void of human experience.


  1. Be yourself.

This is one of the most mind-numbing bullshit of all time. You are being told to simply appreciate who you are  – or at least other people’s impression of who they think you are – all your strengths and flaws  and embrace them. You know, be proud of who you are. Stay comfy and don’t go against the grain. They simply want you stuck in a rut. That’s passive stereotyping. They don’t want you to improve your character, status quo or imitate other people who have made a difference in this world. No. They think plastic surgery, skin bleaching, faking accents, imitating pop-stars, desiring to live other people’s lives is vain. They think you should lead a lifestyle reflective of your job and environment. They want you in a tiny little societal box.

Well, all you have to do is look in the mirror, look at your past, look at your friends, your surroundings and figure out what quality being yourself has added unto your life.

People who advise you to be yourself are afraid of what you might become.  When a human is a boundless spirit, how can you not be anything that you want? Nobody is born to be anything FYI. People simply see an opportunity, seize it and invest their energy in it and call it destiny. You don’t succeed by being yourself, you succeed by becoming “who you are” as Nietzsche put it. And you’re the entire universe in human flesh.

If being yourself isn’t helping, become somebody else. Copy their methods, imitate their personalities, and apply their strategies. Discard all the beliefs and principles that you hold dear. Don’t be a slave to your ego and identity. Shed that layer of skin; wear a new one. A maggot doesn’t derive contentment from just being a maggot. It has to grow wings and become something beautiful – a butterfly. Avoid people who simply want you to be yourself. Walk away. Take a fucking chance.


  1. Be humble.

Another yawn-inducing bullshit. The world isn’t run by people who are all nice, all smiles, all polite, all god-fearing. Or people who are carried away by compliments. Or people who find it necessary to smile and say good morning to their neighbours. Or people who find it polite to answer all phone calls and text messages. Or people who don’t brag about their talents, skills and potential. Or employees who kiss-ass their bosses. No, kid. If you got it, flaunt it. Be big. Take up space. Let them know you’ve arrived. You’re the man!

Part of being successful is annoying as many people as you can. The so-called “haters”. Piss ’em off. Fuck ’em. Hard and dry. Create problems. Chaos. Prove that you can solve them or find other people who will and take the credit. Half of the world  population never knew or cared who Trump was a year ago or even read his books. Now look. He generates more internet traffic than PornHub. The world needs people who are fearless, aggressive, loud-mouthed and ready to risk reputation, friendship, and family, for the sake of personal gain. Here are some of the people who changed the course of human history by being aggressive:

Jim Watson – his bosses told him not work on the human DNA, he disobeyed them and went on to win the Nobel Prize. He wrote an autobiography his friends were against; he ignored them and it was a best-seller and he became a millionaire. He wanted to establish a lab and research center for human DNA and was told it was impossible but he went on to secure a $ 3 billion loan from Congress and now we all know what the DNA looks like, and he has paved way for bigger establishments like Monsanto, cancer research labs and eugenics.

Malcolm X – he was opposed to the ideals of The Nation of Islam, a Negro anti-white Islamic religious organization headed by Elijah Mohammed at the time. Seen as a threat to the organization, he was expelled in 1964. He didn’t resign to a quiet corner and surrender to humility and recite the Quran. No, sir. He became a charismatic activist whose name echoes in pop culture and history books to this day; though he caught a bullet a year later in 1965.

Bill Gates – a genius from a young age, he didn’t stay humble like most nerds when he discovered that software was dished out for free while hardware was paid for. Working for Mackintosh, he stole the idea of selling and licensing software. Apple sued him, they lost. He became ruthless. A ruthless businessman. IBM was his biggest client in operating system which Microsoft helped program. But he went ahead and launched Windows 3.0 in 1990 which kicked IMB’s OS2 out of the market. It’s such an aggressive nature that has also earned him lawsuits over monopoly and unfair competition but hey, he makes more money in his sleep than any ‘humble’, obedient employee or artist will ever make in their lifetime.

I was to mention Trump of course, popular rappers, politicians, athletes, businessmen, gangsters, philosophers, drug lords, vicious writers, serial killers, journalists and all important people to prove to you why being humble is a silly idea, but I figured you know and hate most of them; and if you do, they probably didn’t get there by being humble. Even the world’s classic gentleman, Jesus Christ, had to spazz out and whip some motherfuckers out of the temple.

Being humble only works for low self-esteemed people who want to be liked. Maybe, staying humble after the success may not be a bad idea after all especially if you run a sensitive business that is pegged on its reputation. However, as per the dictates of human survival, the race is for the swift, the hungry, the loud-mouthed. It is the bad boys that get the sexiest girls. It is the humble shopkeepers that give their shit on credit. It is the humble friends in our lives we borrow money from but never pay back.


  1. Put god first.

Every TV interview on people “who have made it” always ends with,

“Word of advice to our viewers who are still struggling to get where you are?”

“I would like to tell them to blah…blah…………and   above all, put god first.”

Makes you wanna puke in your morning coffee, doesn’t it? What if you don’t believe in god? Then I guess all atheists are doomed to be miserable, sir. Well, how about Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Jim Watson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Woody Allen, Kathy Griffin, George Carlin,…and me, the best poet of all time?

What this mind conditioning does to young ambitious people is terrible. It is like, kid unless you pray, go to church every Sunday, pay the tithe, you will die broke. And that’s exactly what happens. It’s a conditioning. People strife so hard to please god and when they finally get the success, they turn into annoying little devils. Why? Because all the shit they went through and all the nightly prayers didn’t bring the happiness and contentment they desired. They somehow did it without god, or aptly, the idea of god and success that was planted in their young, ignorant minds was dearly embraced in moments of vulnerability and desperation.

So it’s nauseating to hear or see “thank god for this far” messages just because  one  appeared on TV to promote their first rap video, made their first million, got a job, bred their first child or won a Miss-Something award. More appalling are people who put their faith in these preachers who take advantage of the poor, sick and lonely to sell them false hope. Also understand that what we call success is a fleeting orgasmic moment. It’s abstract. It’s a feeling not a thing. The things you worked hard for will be there but the thrill is temporary. Good food becomes shit. New clothes become smelly rags. Couples who used to fuck like porn-stars become worst enemies. Faith becomes despair. A good city becomes debris after war. That’s why we keep buying more, buying new shit, changing jobs, seeking promotions, switching churches, walking in and out of relationships. Happiness is a void to be filled. So get rid of the idea of happiness. Kill it. Be free.

I like what Samuel Jackson said, “I don’t attribute my success to any god but working hard and believing in my abilities.”  You can succeed in whichever field you choose without putting god first or anyone else but you and your ambitions. Matter of fact, god is the reason life is miserable to some people. People who are extremely wealthy and successful have trouble attributing their material trappings god. They realize it’s just a stupid idea; an idea that stops most people from thinking. Money is energy not a reward for praying to a god. That also means, lack of success has nothing to do with the devil. The worst of it all, is the popular myth of associating wealth with “devil worship”. The mother of all paradoxes: put god first if you want success. Become unbelievably successful they’ll say, “he must have sold his soul to the devil.”


  1. Put family first.

Family can screw with you if they choose to. Family is there to give you a sense of belonging, security and love. It’s your weakest point. Your enemies will always get you through your family. It is a kick to the nuts.

A story is told of a rich New York lawyer who quit practicing, sold his car gave the money to his wife and all the money in his account to his two daughters and then fled to Los Angeles. He wanted freedom. Freedom to party, roll dice in casinos, fuck prostitutes — just have a good time. He couldn’t keep up with family pressure of playing good dad, nice husband. Another man of similar mindset ended up in the streets. A home-less man in the streets. Just to enjoy freedom. A hermit by choice. Family should be third on your list – if you have one, that is.


  1. We are all one.

A New Age cliché. There’s no possibility that I am connected with Panzram who raped over  1, 000 men and boys, tortured and killed 21 of his victims; or like Jeffrey Dahmer who fucked his victims’ corpses, dismembered them, ate their penises and kept their heads in the fridge for weeks…and all he received was an electric chair. And he died so quickly and painlessly because of the needles embedded in his pelvic bone – due to his obsession with penal mutilation – short-circuited.

Imagine, I, a pacifist with a clean soul, being told I am one with the rest of humanity that has fucked up this beautiful planet for pleasure. No, sir. We are different. We have nothing in common except that we are all civilized apes with internet connection who think we are different from other animals in the jungle.


  1. Never give up.

Why is giving up wrong? Are you going to chase the same dream for 20 years or chase the same woman for 5 years? Of course the KFC guy made it in his seventies but he gave up at some point. Giving up is like rebooting your system. Gives you a fresher look on things. You realize that it’s all not worth it. Nothing really matters. You can tell from the lines of disappointment on your parents’ faces. But you’re too young and stupid to realize that.

Give up if things don’t work. Give up if things are working but you’re sick of them. Give up all hope and be free. Sail down the stream of life uninhibited. Hope is a drug. It keeps you postponing your problems. Always hoping tomorrow will be different. Give up. If giving up doesn’t work, try drugs and alcohol and lots of sex; or religion. If that doesn’t work either, there is always suicide: life’s simplest solution.


  1. Karma is a bitch.

When I came across Buddhism and Theosophical tenets, they said that me being here (on this blue rock hurtling through space), and my current state of being is attributed to shit I did in my past life. I said, Oh…really? So when did it all begin, before the Big Bang or after? Was there a time I lived karma free? Who comes up with such shit anyway?

Karma is another trap meant to scare you from making personal choices. If you feel like killing a few people to become president or drill an oil rig in Northern Africa, that’s collateral damage.

Now, according to the karma theory, chances are you will also meet your death here; or, when you die and reincarnate, you will be killed as well by another power-hungry son-of-a-bitch. But due to amnesia, you won’t remember a damn thing. But is there proof that such things happen? Is death so scary that man can’t accept it and let go? He has to invent heaven, hell and karma? Karma is another desperate attempt to balance the right-wrong equilibrium. But who decides what’s right or wrong? The law? Religion? Subjective conscience? Parents? Your gut feeling?

No tree will ever sue a paper industry, no animal is going to judge me because of my leather shoes. It is the laws of survival. The weak is prey for the strong.

So, if I don’t believe in karma, what do I do when somebody does me wrong? I revenge. I don’t turn the other cheek. Pain is not make-up, son. I seethe in anger, sharpen my butcher knife, smoke weed and wish Panzram was around to lend a hand in gorging out somebody’s eye ball. Panzram’s wish before being executed by hanging was:

“I wish the entire human race had one neck and I had my hands around it.”

That was 1930. Ever since, I haven’t heard of any man being raped 1, 000 times and then being killed 21 times as karma and reincarnation would have it. Maybe he’s in hell. Maybe karma is bidding time.

When it comes to karma – just like astrology – I only believe it when it works for me. Seeing people I don’t like writhe in pain and agony and whining about how hard things are makes me happy.

Maybe karma is a bitch as they say – a trick!

A lie.

An illusion – just like everything else!




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