Quotes by John Ciardi (Poet, “Person to Person” )

by John Ciardi from his collection, Person to Person, 1964


“Poets are mad. Are bankers sane?”



“I have never seen bees purposeful except when the hive is threatened.”

(Bees and Morning Glories)



“The best of a man is what he thought of and could not be.”

(The Poet’s Words)



“And thought is not fact; nor measurable. It is simply there.”

(An Aspect of Air)



“Life is the rain that will not stay clean. Language, the wind that brings all thought to mind.”

(The Poet’s Words)



“Love must intend realities.”

(My Father Died Imperfect as a Man)



“What we hear is poets die, their poems appear still to transmit, and still to be signals from some Reality.”

(Reality and Willie Yeats)



“I don’t much care for love that sells itself to tameness, crawling back to lick the hand that did it.”

(Dogs and Foxes)

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